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There are many fundraisers continuously running to raise money for our school.  With  school sponsored fundraisers, the money goes directly to the school to spend how they choose.  PTO fund raisers are set up slightly different.  The money raised during the fund raiser is kept by the PTO and they choose what the money will be used for when it is donated to the school.  For example, PTO money may be donated to the school for the purchase of technology, field trips, sports equipment, teacher gifts, etc and the money will only be used by the school for the specific area it is donated to or the actual items will be purchased by PTO and donated to the school.

To see more information on what PTO has donated to the school please click PTO Website to read more information.

By participating in the fundraisers, you can help the school raise money for needed items and help better our children's education.



Ongoing Year Round Fundraisers 


 Kellogg's Family Rewards - Through Kellogg's Family Rewards Giving, your points can become a cash donation to Lostant School.  For every 8000 points collected the school will earn $5.  Simply look for the Kellogg's Family Rewards Logo below.  If your product has the logo, just cut out the code inside the package and put it in one of the drop off locations listed below.

*NEW This Year* Ink and Toner Cartridge Recycling - By donating used printer cartridges, Lostant School receives CASH reimbursement for every cartridge we collect and return for recycling.  There is never a cost involved - this is a FREE and EASY program.  All the boxes and shipping are paid for by the recycling companies.  Just enclose the cartridges in a plastic bag (a used shopping bag is fine) and place them in the collection boxes which are located at: Lostant school, Illini State Bank (Lostant Branch), Lostant post office, and Lostant library.

Amazon Fundraiser - When you shop Amazon a percentage of the sale will go directly to Lostant School. All you have to do is visit Lostant Schools Fundinco home page link below and then click "shop Amazon". What an easy way to help our schools.  http://www.fundinco.org/orghome.php?orgid=396  Don't forget to bookmark this page to shop at Amazon.  





Labels for Education - Labels for Education is run all year round.  By saving the labels from some of the products you use regularly our school can collect points to redeam for art, athletic and academic merchandise.  Simply clip UPCs and beverage caps from participation products and turn in at a collection site(collection sites are listed at the bottom of the page).  To find out what products are eligible please go to the following website.  http://www.labelsforeducation.com/Earn-Points/Participating-Products

Box Tops for Education - Box tops can also be collected from many products that you may use regularly.  Simply cut out the box top pictured below and turn it into one of our collection sites(collection sites are listed at the bottom of the page).  We earn 10 cents for every Box Top collected and they send checks twice a year to spend on whatever is needed.  All Box Tops must have the expiration date included and cannot be expired.  For a list of products offering box tops please see the list of participating products on the Box Tops website: http://www.boxtops4education.com/earn/clip/Brands.aspx?nicam5=vanityurl_web_products

Coke Rewards - Coke rewards can be found under caps, inside tear-off on 12-pks and on multi-pack wraps.  Simply cut out or save the cap and turn it into one of our collection sites(collection sites are listed at the bottom of the page) or you can donate them to our school online.  Points are used to purchase classroom supplies, athletic equipment and many more needed items.  Occasionally Coke will run a special bonus period where they will match every point that is donated to us online.  Please watch for the bonus if you donate online!!!  To see a full list of participating Coke Rewards products please click the link below.


Tyson Foods - Tyson Foods labels can be found on many products in your grocer's freezer section.  Simply cut out the ENTIRE "Support your School" label off the Tyson products and turn it in at one of the collection sites(collection sites are listed at the bottom of the page).  We will receive 24 cents for every label we turn in(we must have at least 100 to turn them in) and they will send a check for the amount to spend on whatever the school needs.  To see a full list of participating Tyson products please click the link below.


SunnyD Book Spree - SunnyD UPC labels are collected for this program.  Just cut and turn in your UPCs from SunnyD products(collection sites are listed at the bottom of the page). SunnyD will send 20 Scholastic books to every classroom that sends in 20 SunnyD UPC labels. For more information please click the link below. 

Target REDcard - Target stores sponsor the Take Charge of Education program through their credit and debit cards.  When you sign up for a card you can designate Lostant School to receive a portion of the sales you make at Target, you will also receive 5% off all your Target purchases when you use it.  Once a year Target will send the total donation check to the school.  You can sign up for a card at the store or online.  For more information please click the link below.

*Currently you can turn in Labels for Education, Box Tops for Education, Coke Rewards, Tyson Food Labels and SunnyD UPCs at the following locations:  Lostant School, Lostant Post Office, Illini State Bank(Lostant branch), or you can send them to school with your child and your child can give them to their teacher


Lostant CUSD 425 315 W 3rd Street Lostant, IL  61334

Phone: 815.368.3392 Fax: 815.368.3132

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