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"Souper Bowl" at Lostant School

Student Council at Lostant School is getting ready to host a soup drive the last week of January to correspond with the "Souper Bowl". Each class will have a box in the room for collection of cans. The collection will then be given to the Illinois Food Pantry.  The drive will run during the week of January 26-30 th and everyone at the school is invited to wear their favorite football  apparel. The winning . . . read more

Jan 20, 2015

Holiday Parties 2014

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8th grade

The students had a lot of fun at their holiday parties this year.  They enjoyed games, movies, snacks and gift exchanges.  Kindergarten, first and second grade had a combined party.  They played games including: Pin the Nose on Rudolph, Pin the Bow on the Present, Musical Tape (musical chairs with tape Xs for chairs,where . . . read more

Jan 1, 2015

Reader's Theater

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On Monday, December 22nd, Mrs. Newbold invited parents and friends to a Reader's Theater at the school.  The students performed a play about Santa called "What, No Santa?".  The play was about Santa being too sick to deliver presents, so Mrs. Claus had to dress as Santa to deliver presents to all the children.   . . . read more

Jan 1, 2015

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